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Here's the manifest of the ship S.S Helig Olav that was where the above photo was taken in 1928


This page and this Borglum family has nothing to do with Gutzon Borglum, his brother Solon Borglum, or his son Lincoln Borglum, the famous artists and stonemasons that carved the faces of presidents on Mt. Rushmore (to be more accurate; we think our Borglum line is unrelated to his). To go to links for Gutzon or Lincoln Borglum, click here or here    or here in Danish. To go to links about Solon Borglum, click here or here or here. To the best of our knowledge, both our families originated in Borglum, Denmark, and we are not related, since their "Borglum" name goes back to at least 1784. Our ancestor Anders Gregers Larsen adopted the name of the town of Borglum, Denmark -his birthplace- on August 17, 1905.

Prior to that our lineage "surnames" included Moller, Sorensen, Elkidsdatter, Ravnskov, Pedersdatter, and Eriksen.
Jensdatter, Andersdatter, and Christensen, all prior to the adoption of last names in Denmark.

Note that dates in Europe switch positions with the US method, so August 10, 1905 is either 10.8.1905 or 8.10.1905, so some confusion exists in some postings.

Related family webpage links, Danish genealogy links, and resources are at the very bottom of this page.

If you know of any other online Borglum genealogy sites, or have Borglum family trees, or corrections to this website, please email info to the webmaster. Thank you.

Reunion Photos

1985 reunion Black Hills, SD

1988 reunion Elkhart, IN (Got a photo of any of these reuninions? Please send me a copy!)

1990 reunion Blue Earth, MN

1992 reunion photo at Greger and Elsie's barn

1992 reunion photo on Keuka Lake

1994 reunion Blue Earth, IN

1996 renuion, Lake Erie OH

1998 reunion, Orlando Florida

2001 reunion in PA

2003 reunion, Good Thunder MN

2004 "Tenus' family" reunion, Penn Yan NY    at the lake   wagon ride at Bruce's   80 photo slide show    Oh Uncle Cars video

2007 "Tenus' family" reunion Orlando FL

2008 Borglum Bartness reunion

2014 Carsten Borglum Tribe reunion in TX

2016 reunion Penn Yan

2018 Carsten Borglum clan reunion at Keith's in California

 The "dark underbelly" of family reunion photography here

Photography was invented in the 1830s, and became popularized in the 1850s.

Special thanks in help with history to Ardis Vokes, Carsten and Marge Borglum (Mom and Pop), Kent Borglum, Mia Christensen, Eva Sorensen, Martha Phillips, and Jette Olsen.

Borglum Family Recipes Cookbook

Assembled by Martha Borglum Phillips 1991

(9 MB file, might be a little slow to load on slow computers )

This is our Moller > Sorensen > Elkidsdatter > Ravnskov > Pedersdatter > Eriksen >
Jensdatter > Andersdatter > Christensen > Larsen > Borglum genealogy since 1677:

(note: Each generation adds a letter or number to code-end, siblings then are in alpha-numeric order.
Example: WXY is VWX's child; LCD and LCE are siblings, LCE1 is LCE's child) ("and" means "married to")

The name in Danish is pronounced burr'-lum and is spelled Børglum or Börglum. Borglum in English is pronouned "bore'-glum".

Note that there are discrepancies on geanealogy, depending on source. click here for a pdf on Anders within his Danish family genealogy by Jette Olsen (in Danish - copy and paste to Google Translate)

Some sons took father's first name as their last name, some didn't, many changed name spelling as they aged, especially those that emmigrated to the US.

    VWX Soren Christensen Molher b1685  d1784 and Ane Catrine (Katrine??) Jensdatter b 1677

    WXY Christen Sorensen (Ravnskov b1724  d1800 and Maren Eskildsdatter b 1720 d1793 click here for a family tree pdf

      XYZ Lars Christensen (Ravnskov) b1758  d1821  and Ane Kirstine Pedersdatter b1764-1829
      click here for a pdf on Anders within his Danish family genealogy by Jette Olsen (in Danish - copy and paste to Google Translate)

        YZL Christen Larsen (aka Christen Larsen Ravn per Jette) b1793 d1882    and Karen Jendsdatter 1796 d1865 (Maren Peitersdatter was first wife according to Jette)
      click here for a pdf on Anders within his Danish family genealogy by Jette Olsen (in Danish - copy and paste to Google Translate)

          ZLC Lars Christensen (Larsen) b3.2.1820 d1906    and Johanne Mari Andersdatter   b1819   confirmation 1838   d1901   (Anders' parents)
          (her parents Anders Gregersen b1778 and Maren Chrestinsdatter b1783)

(Z)LCB Anders Gregers Larsen b12.5.1851 d Feb 23, 1925 at Kamillian Clinic in Aarlborg, buried at Sonder Kong Ladle, per Jette.
Occupation farmer. (see his family expanded below)
(Anders Gregers Larsen changed name to Anders Larsen Borglum on 8-17-1905)
see also the page where almost 1,000 more relatives were referred in Oct 2016 by Jette Olsen, descendant of Anders' brother
click here for a pdf on Anders within his Danish family genealogy by Jette Olsen (in Danish - copy and paste to Google Translate)
Jette relates that Anders was a Baptist, as were his parents: "not good to be a Baptist in Denmark in 1800s".

LCC Maren Kristine Larsdatter b7.9.1853 or 3.2.1849 d1906 or 1936 and Niels Nielsen Holtet Gandrup b1924 or Lars Christian Pedersen (Borglum and Geni records differ on dates and details) Geni info

LCD Christian Larsen b11.24.1855   birth record   and Elise Jensen Hedegarrd Lanholt or Elise Marie Jensdatter (8 children see Geni)

LCE Jorgen Christian Larsen b9.14.1857 d3.11.1946 more at Geni and Ane Marie Rasmusdatter Bolleskov b2.27.1852 d1939 more at Geni

      LCE1 Kristen Anton b4.10.1878 d1897

      LCE2 Peder b5.6.1880 d7.11.1942

      LCE3 Lars Peter Larsen b9.30.1882  more at Geni

          LCE3a Jacob Larsen b 3.26.1913   death certificate                 later    and Gudrun Ella Hansen

                    LCE3a1 Elisa Lillian (Larsen) Kristoffersen b 5.21.1937 married Kenneth George Poulsen then Svend Kristoffersen Kristoffersen

                               LCE3a1a Jette Olsen b1961 (source of much info on this website and more at Geni )

                               LCE3a1b Lisbeth Gundrun Poulsen b1963 and P Sejersen

                    LCE3a3 Kjeld Jorgen

                    LCE3a4 Jytte Grethe

                    LCE3a5 Kaj

                    LCE3a6 Knud

                    LCE3a7 Betty

                    LCE3a8 Karl Lars

                    LCE3a9 Anna Birgit

                    LCE3a10 Karsten Svend

      LCE4 Johanne b11.6.1884 d2.28.1917 married Soren Kristian Kristiansen

      LCE5 Karl Rasmus b 12.10.1887 d1969

      LCE6 Karen Marie b 1.13.1889 or 1891 d10.24.1977 married Niels Kristian Larsen

LCF Karen Kirstine Larsdatter b5.12.1860 in Aalborg Denmark

      LCF1  Karen b_______

LCG  (Unknown name, female, does not appear on Jette's list, perhaps an error in old handwritten (Tenus) Borglum records, or an infant death, years since prior sibling - a long time comparatively)

      LCGa      Marie (if we know Marie's name, why don't we know her mother's name? another error?)

LCH Ane Marie b5.21.1864  d12.16.2015 and Niels Sorensen. Neils built the windmill in Baelum, Denmark, the town from which Kamma, Gerda and Karen Jensen (CM1a1a-b-c) originated, see more info at DFS

      LCIa    Carl Sorensen b2.22.1887 and Karen Jensen b_______ (a sister to Tenus'{LCB10} wife Gerda,
      ie: Tenus' cousin Carl married Gerda's sister Karen) Karen and Gerda's family tree

             LCIa1 Eva Ravn Sorensen b1920

      LCIb    Laurist Sorensen   b10.17.1890 and Nellie b_______

      LCIc    Otto Sorensen b1895 (came to US for 3 years, had 3 children near Racine Wisconsin)

      LCId    Thora Sorensen b11.11.1892 (husband died, no children)

(end of "Anders and siblings" list. The following breakout continues with Anders' descendants, and -with 19+ kids- he had plenty!)

(continued from above breakout at LCB)

(LCB )Anders Gregers Larsen  b12.5.1851   record d Feb 23, 1925 and Maren Christiansen b Oct 5, 1852 d Aug 1895 (1st wife. See 2nd wife and offspring below) (Married about 1873 when Anders was 21  marriage record). (Maren's parents were "Borglum Chris (Christensen)" and Anne Marie. If this is true, there might be a link to the other 3 Borglum families I have found. Maren reportedly had a brother Jens, and two sisters, Emma and Kitty, with perhaps a third sister. Anne Marie was reportedly related to Jens Beck, whoever that is???) another Anders Larsen
Here is a copy of the 1911 Danish population census showing Anders and the various members of his household at that time. We are still trying to find out who is Bolette Marie Kristensen listed in the household. Along with Kristine Norgard Olsen, Karen's sister, with her husband and sons)
Denmark Lykkebjerggaard farm photo   Denmark farm photo controversy

  LCB1  Johanna Marie Larsen b10.26.1874 d11.2.1874 in Arlbog Denmark (died when one week old, named after grandmother {ZLC})

  LCB2  Lars Christian b12.6.1874   as young man  in Kongerslev d5.13.1936 at Kamilianerkliniien in Aalborg  and Karen Christensen b 9.10.1880 in Novling  1940s?   as young woman   she was daughter of Niels Christensen Morgaard and Mette Marie Hansdatter of Novling

      LCB2a Martha Marie (Larsen) Borglum b12.11.1909   1948 (she was listed living with Lars and Karen in the 1911 census)   photo with Lars and Karen     group photo with Lars     another photo same clothes same day  see also Archive   and Harald Reinholdt Dahl wedding photo Martha took the name Martha Marie Lillian Borglum Dahl  family photo

               LCB2a1 Tage (on right in photo taken in in Sønder Kongslev)

               LCB2a2 Inger (has 1 son)

               LCB2a3 Ivan (on left in photo)

  LCB3  Niels Jorgen Martin Borglum b2.7.1875 and (no name) b_______(no children or one son, stories differ), at home (Niels was a carpenter)

  LCB4  Anton b7.8.1878 in Lyngby Hellum, Alborg, Denmark  and Nikoline Eienspar b11.15.1885 (Anton was over 6 feet tall and in the king's guard) Denmark Census, 1911 Denmark; citing Rigsarkivet, København (The Danish National Archives, Copenhagen). FHL microfilm 100,950,429. see also

      LCB4a Mary Kamilla Borglum b 7.9.1909 1916 census and Johan Marinus (Ditlev) Pedersen b2.7.1909 married 8.18.1929
            LCB4a1Elna Marie b1928 (se befor marraige of parents)
            LCB5a2 Esther Nikoline b7.26.1930

      LCB4b Petrea Andrea Borglum b 6.20.1911 and Peder Christian Anderson b 1.7.1905 (Petra took name Borglum again and may have remarried same husband - what's that about?? Jette says its because 1st marriage was "not in church")

      LCB4c Anne Marie Borglum b12.27.1912 born in Sonder Kongerslev

          LCB4b1 Lisa

      LCB4c Anders Gregers b10.24.1914

      LCB4d Jensine Kristine (or Kristine Jensine - reports differ) 1.3.1916

      LCB4e Anna (or Anker Julius - reports differ)

      LCB4f Niels Kristein (or Niels K.H - reports differ) b 7.23.1917

  LCB5  Johan Marinus Borglum b 6.25.1881 of Lillevorde and Karen Kirstine Laurine Nielsen of Sortheden, originally from Gudum, age 34, unmarried
      LCB5aa Karl Johan Borglum b 7.3.1909 in Sorthenden baptism was a mason, last photo, married Gudrun Nielsen b 1914 d 1955 wedding photo 1939
        LCB5aa1 Bente Kirsten Dalgaard Borglum b1941- in 1965 married Benny Dalgaard Jensen b 1940 photo in 2012
            LCB5aa1a Rene Dalgaard Jensen b 1965
            LCB5aa1b Jeanette Dalgaard Jensen b 1971 in 1996 married Dennis Nissen b 1967
                  LCN5aa1b1 Isabella Dalgaard Nissen b 1997
                  LCN5aa1b2 Kewin Dalgarrd Nissen b 2000
        LCB5aa2 Lennardt Ruben Borglum b 1945 married 1966 Bente Christensen b 1945
            LCB5aa2a Anja Borglum b 1962 in 1983 married Bjarne Lindehoj Petersen b 1957
                  LCN5aa2a1 Pia Lindehoj Petersen b 1984 (twin) in 2010 married Brian Hansen b 1975
                         LCN5aa2a1a Oliver Lindehoj Hansen b 2009
                         LCN5aa2a1b Mathias Lindehoj Hansen b 2011
                  LCN5aa2a2 Jesper Lindehoj Petersen b 1984 (twin) unmarried Louise Krogshoj b 1985
                         LCN5aa2a2a Mathilde Lindehoj Krogshoj Jensen b 2011
            LCB5aa2b Soren Borglum b 1969 in 2006 married Dorthe Laursen b 1971
                  LCN5aa2b1 Bastian Borglum Laursen b 2005
            LCB5aa2c Jane Borglum b 1973 in 2004 married Kenneth Barth b 1964
                  LCN5aa2c1 Mikkel Barth b 2008
  then Johan Marinus Borglum emigrated to America, but didn't tell his new family about his other unmarried family in Denmark, see info received in 2012
  but if this is true, wouldn't the brothers in America have known, and leaked the info?    photo with brothers
  LCB5  Johan Marinus Borglum b 6.25.1881 and Karla Rosa Petersen b12.29.1892 with Gerda and Jacob photo 1914     1918   1925   John circa 1927
(a farmer, "Uncle John", lived near Brush Creek, Minnesota many years)

      LCB5a May Borglum b1918 d__(died as a child, in a fire, at age 4 or 5)

      LCB5b May Rose Borglum b1921 1925 and Elwood Maris Monson b 10.22.1921 d________    1971     Harry, May, Leo, John circa 1927

        LCB5b1 Donna Monson b1956 and Ronald Bartness b1955     sisters   her Facebook with lots of photos Her Facebook with lots of photos

                  LCB5b1a Thomas b____               big reunion 2008

                  LCN5b1b Timothy b____

        LCB5b2 Rose Marie Monson b 1952   circa1955 and Doug Roberts b 1950 (note: 3 siblings married 3 friends)    sisters

                  LCB5b2a John Douglas Roberts b 1983 d 2007 while as a Peace Corp volunteer in Vanuatu

        LCB5b3 Janine Nora Monson b1953   circa1955 and Steve Paul Pilcher b 1953      sisters 

                    LCB5b3a Daniele Renee Pilcher b 1975

                    LCB5b3b Arlette Erin Pilcher 1977

                    LCB5b3c Stephanie Ann Pilcher1979 and Ryan Joseph Smith b 1977

                                   Aniston Jo Smith b 2003

                                   Cameran Rae Smith b 2005

        LCB5b4 Erik John Monson b 1954 and Susan Somage b 1957

                    LCB5b4a Jonathan David Monson b 1984

                    LCB5b4b Spencer Monson b 1988

                    LCB5b4c Luke Monson b 1994

          LCB5b5 Karla Eileen Monson b1955 and Gene (Duke) Tuqua b 1954 family photo    sisters

                    LCB5b5a Naomi Marie Tuqua b 1982

                    LCB5b5b Seth Michael Tuqua b 1983

      LCB5c Harry James Borglum b 11.6.22 d 9.23.2000 obituary and story and Marian Carol Steinhauer b 8.31.1924 married May 9, 1947,  1925   Harry, May, Leo, John circa 1927

          LCB5c1 Mark Allan Borglum b1949 and Carol Ann Granquist b1947

              LCB5c1a Lindsay Susan Borglum b 1978

              LCB5c1b Dustin Alan Borglum b 1981

          LCB5c2 Katherine Christine Borglum b 1951 and Arthur Campina b 1945

          LCB5c3 Colleen Carol Borglum b 1955 and Paul Knudtson b 1954

              LCB5c3a Haley b1987

              LCB5c3b Hanna b1989

          LCB5c4 Kellen John Borglum b 1957 and Karen Nelson b 1962 married 4.04.1987 Kellen 2003 story

              LCB5c4a Amy Lynn Borglum b 1987

              LCB5c4b Dana Elizabeth Borglum b 1990

              LCB5c4c Michael John Borglum b 1993

          LCB5c5 Rebecca Rose b 1963 and Steve John Glimsdal b 1962

              LCB5c5a Patrick Wayne Glimsdal b 1984

              LCB5c5b Nathan b____

      LCB5d Leo Norman Borglum   b1925, had a daughter (Sheri) out of wedlock with Vera Anderson. Leo disappeared prior to the child's birth, a family scandal about abandonment. Vera put Sheri up for adoption. Leo then married a woman with children. Leo's whereabouts were unknown -even though he lived less than 50 miles away- until recently when Sheri contacted me, having found this website. Vera -on her deathbed- told Sheri that Leo didn't know she was pregnant when he left. another Leo photo     Harry, May, Leo, John circa 1927        Leo circa 1935(?)    Leo towing car with horses circa 1950(?)

              LCB5d1 Sheri Almen (adoptive parent's name) b 1962 her story and David Swanson     family photo 2015

                    LCB5d1a Cassie Swanson b 1985

                    LCB5d1b Jacob Swanson b 1988

      LCB5e Henry (Hank) Morris Borglum b 1933 and Catherine (Katie) Ann Stenzel b 1935, married 1956, (Hank in construction most of life) old photo  2002 photo of Hank, Katie and full family 2002 photo of Hank, Katie and full family

              LCB5e1 Anne Borglum b 57 and David Baker b1952 married 1986, Hannah, Anne, David photo

                    LCB5e1a Zachary Beckman b 82 (from Anne's 1st marriage, kept name)

                    LCB5e1b Hannah Baker b 96 (adopted Korean)

          LCB5e2 Julie Borglum b 58 and Marc Knutson b 1953 married 1978 divorced 2004 family photo, remarried Douglas Boyer 2005 born 1947, now live in Prarie City OR

                    LCB5e2a Cory Knutson b.1981 married Julie Buechel 2008, live in Crestview Hills KY

                    LCB5e2b Lacy Knutson b.1984

        LCB5e3 Morris Borglum b.1960 and Susan Stenzel b 1960 married 1984 family photo

                    LCB5e3a Danielle Borglum b94

                    LCB5e3b Allison Borglum b.96

          LCB5e4 Milo Borglum b 1963 (lives in Montana, unmarried)

          LCB5e5 Rita Borglum b 1964 and Mitch Treptow b1957, married 1987 family photo

                  LCB5e5a Tyrell Borglum b 1986

                  LCB5e5b Melisse Borglum b 1988

  LCB6  Kresten (died at age 11 or 18 of tuberculosis, stories differ. Lived as a farm laborer in an employer's barn, died there and was buried nearby. Probably caught tuberculosis from the cows)

  LCB7  Jacob b9.11.1885  birth registration   d1.30.1951  (spelled Jakob on 1906 census but Jacob on US Immigration card)   Jacob 1903 , with brother Jens , 1912 , with Gerda photo 1914 (married three times)
1st wife Anna Christine Neilsen b11.18.1878 d9.13.1932   married Jan 25, 1919 in Chicago per    1930 census info with Anna,   1940 census shows him alone employed as a gardener     1918 WWI draft card shows him living in Chicago working as a Timekeeper for Acme Steel Foods, 1942 WW2 draft card shows him living in Oakland CA
2nd wife Virginia Smith b1891 d3.31.1955  divorced     obituary mentioning son George and adopted daughter apparently by her next marriage, also one report she had prior marriage name Mills
3rd wife  Margaret Gammelgard, ( or Uhlinger, records differ), married 11.6.1943)
          LCB7a George Allyson Borglum, b1919-1920? d2.10.2011 in Paris/Clarksville Arkansas, born in New Hampshire, adopted by Virginia and Jacob, graduated from the University of California School of Business, no offspring, WWII veteran and accountant, cremated

  LCB8  Jens Christian Borglum (aka Jim) b10.25.1887 d 1930s and Gertrude Jewetts 1912 (her grandmother was a Baptist minister)

      LCB8a Raymond Borglum b early 1900s(?) (disappeared in an airplane accident in 1940s )

  LCB9  Karen Kristine b9.30.1889 d1969 (never married?) photo1922 with siblings , back of 1922 photo , in "boat" with Dusinus 1910 ,
back of portrait 1924

  LCB10 Thinus (Tenus) Borglum b10.28.1891 in Alborg Denmark, and Gerda Jensen b11.22.1891 (see his family expanded below with "LCB10" converted to "X")

  LCB11  Peder Borglum b12.25.1892 d1911 (also died of tuberculosis, age 18) might this be him, probate certificate 1812

  LCB12  Dusinus (Dick) Borglum b4.16.1894 (pronouned doo-seen'-us, means "one dozen" or twelfth child) and Agatha Regina Ziegler b3.2.1902 , 1920, in army. Came to Minnesota from Denmark in 1915. He worked for other farmers. traded horses, did tilling, and finally farmed for himself until he retired.    photo with brothers

      LCB12a Allan Christ Borglum b5.12.1930 d July 2004 and Gloria Hamson d1994. Allan was a farmer and amateur pilot. Obituary.

          LCB12a1 JoAnn Maxine Borglum b 1950 and Larry Wilbert Kelling b 1945

                LCB12a1a Kristi Karol Kelling b 1969 and Reynaldo Morales b 1968, divorced 1991; then married Gerald August Fennert b1960

                       LCB12a1a1 Andrew Morales b 1989

                       LCB12a1a2 Kaleb Ryan Fennert b1993

                LCB12a1b Dawn Michele Kelling b 1974, married douglas Gerdts Jr

                       LCB12a1b1 Isabella Saige Gerdts b2007

          LCB12a2 Barbara Borglum b1952 and Larry Wayne Fennert married 1971, divorced

                LCB12a2a Jason Borglum b 1970

                LCB12a2b Melanie Fennert b1972 and Corey Johnson b____

                      LCB12a2b1 Chaise Johnson b2001

                      LCB12a2b2 Makenzie Johnson b2002

          LCB12a3 Jerry Borglum b1954 and Julie Ann Berndt (divorced), Jerry owns a towing business

                LCB12a3a Cathryn Ann Borglum b 1973 and John Robert Shifflett b 1970

                      LCB12a3a1 Alexis Ann Shifflett b 1996

                      LCB12a3a2 Natalie Jo Shifflett b 1997

                      LCB12a3a3 Michaela June b 2001

                LCB12a3b Jennifer Lynn Borglum b1974 and Christopher Lawrence Empson b1966 family photo

                      LCB12a3b1 Samuel Lawrence Empson b 2003

                LCB12a3c Juston Allan Borglum b 1976

                LCB12a3d Elizabeth Suzanne Borglum b 1980 and David Helland b 1974

          LCB12a4 Richard Harvey Borglum b 1956 and Marie b1956 married 1986         They and Tony own and run Drive A Tank in Minnesota

                LCB12a4a Tony Borglum b1986 (Marie's son by prior marriage is Erik Root, b1980)

          LCB12a5 Darrel Lee Borglum b 1960 and Susan Elizabeth Arndt b1957 married 1977

                LCB12a5a Sara Borglum b1980

                LCB12a5b Brian Borglum b1984

          LCB12a6 Raymond Chris Borglum b1961 and Shari Lynn Newcomer b 1962, married 1983

          LCB12a7 Tammy Jean Borglum b1964 and Paul Engen b____

                LCB12a7a Rebecca____________ b____

                LCB12a7b Rochelle____________ b____

      LCB12b Elizabeth (Betty) Borglum b3.27.1933 d 9.30.1989 and James M. Volz b1933 d 2.8.1999. Married1.24.1956. (James died in a farm accident)

          LCB12b1 James Robert "Jimmy" Volz b1956 d March 10, 2005 of cancer, mechanic and farmer obituary

          LCB12b2 Mary Patricia Volz b 1957 (now Sister Mary Pat Volz) about her family

          LCB12b3 Katherin Anne Volz b1958 and Dennis Heine b1961

                LCB12b3a Gregory William Heine b 1982

                LCB12b3b Steven Michael Heine b 1983

          LCB12b4 Roger Paul Volz b 1960 and Jodi Swanson b 1959, Roger is a mechanic and farmer, Jodi is a nurse

                LCB12b4a Brittany Lynn b 1985

          LCB12b5 Linda Jean Volz b 1962 and Thomas Haupt b 1962, married 1984, Thomas is a farmer, Linda is a beautician

          LCB12b6 Ann Louise Volz b 1963 and Timothy J. Nix b 1958, married 1985

                LCB12b6a Joseph T. Nix b1988

                LCB12b6b Elizabeth A Nix b1990

                LCB12b6c Shannon M. Nix b1995

                LCB12b6d Andrew J. Nix b1999

      LCB12c Martha Maryann Borglum b1936 and Joseph Henry Phillips b1930, Joe is a retired farmer, Martha is a retired secretary, married 1956

          LCB12c1 Martin (Marty) Joseph Phillips b 1957 and Tamera (Tammy) Isenberg b 1959 m 1981, live next to Joe and Martha, Marty farms and is a mechanic

                LCB12c1a Kyle Christopher Phillips b 1983

                LCB12c1b Lindsey Rae Phillips b 1984

          LCB12c2 Christine Marie Philips b 1958 (married Delbert Wilson b 1957, divorced and then married Jay Black b____, both do nursing)

                LCB12c2a Matthew Wilson b 1980

                LCB12c2b Heidi Marie Wilson b 1983

                LCB12c2c Diane Renae Wilson b 1984

          LCB12c3 Daniel Peter Phillips b 1959 and Linda Louise Hagen b 1959 m 1984, Dan is a mechanic

                LCB12c3a Nicole Lynn Phillips b 1984

                LCB12c3b Katherine Delores Phillips b 1988

                LCB12c3c Hannah Louise Phillips b 1994

          LCB12c4 Timothy Paul Phillips b 1963 and Brenda Lee Phillips b____ m 1994, an electronics technician

          LCB12c5 Emily Louise Phillips b 1969 and David Carcoran

      LCB12d Bernadine Caroline Borglum b1944 and James Arvid Peterson b 1941, m 1963

          LCB12d1 David James Peterson b 1964 and Amy____________b____

                LCB12d1a Terry Lin Peterson b 1987

                LCB12d1b Tyrel James Peterson b 1991

          LCB12d2 William James Peterson b 1965 d 1987 in the Army in a car accident in Greece

          LCB12d3 Marijo Noel Peterson b 1966 and Paul Beckstrand b 1964

                LCB12d3a Amy Beckstrand and Jamie Beckstrand, twins, b 1996

                LCB12d3c Trevor Beckstrand b 1998

                LCB12d3d Travis Beckstrand b 2001

          LCB12d4 Glee Suzette Peterson b 1969 and Larry Merritt b 1967

                LCB12d4a Alicia Merritt b 1995

                LCB12d4b Alex Merritt b 1997

                LCB12d4c Avery Merritt b 2000

  (note: Anders' children with second wife changes the alpha/numeric progression, dropping the first "L" and adding a last "a". Therefore the first child of the first wife was coded LCB1, and the first child of the second wife begins with CB1a instead of of LCB13.)

(LCB ) Anders Larsen Borglum  and then Ane Dorthea Nielsen Lind b7.5.1876 d9.1.1961 (per Jette),     1940s?    see also report
            (2nd wife - 25 years younger than him, married about 1898 at his age of 47, she was about 22) photo of her with prior stepchildren
            (note: Anders Gregers Larsen changed name to Anders Larsen Borglum on 8-17-1905)

      CB1a  Marie (Larsen) Borglum (stillborn infant death) b/d 10.8.1905 church record 1st on page

      CB2a  Marinus (Larsen) Borglum b3.18.1900 d 1901 (reported "died of a terrible cramp, frothing at mouth" - possibly of lockjaw ) BUT: appears on the 1911 census , so true?

      CB3a  Marinus (Mike) (Larsen) Borglum b5.18.1901  (pronounced marine'-us)      and Winnifred b___ d1962 (was in Canadian army, then moved to England, married 1941, no children), WWII, and then married Anna b__ (no children) 1914

      CB4a  Christen (Larsen) Borglum b5.15.1903 d3.29.1924   (died two years after this photo at age 21, reportedly of spinal memingitis at Marselisborg Hospital in Aarhus Denmark, buried in Sdr Kongerslev Cenetery. Reportedly named after Anders' brother Christian, whom also coincidentally died young (LCB6)  (born Christian but death certificate says Christen, also born Larsen but changed to Borglum at age 2 along with Anders)  1914    in military

      CB5a  Anne (Larsen) Borglum b6.2.1905     1940s?      and Orla Herman Saaybe b10.5.1874 married 8.20.1937    1914

          CB5a1    Kirsten b___ and Bent Christiansen

              CB5a1a Peter Christiansen

              CB5a1b Allen-Bo Christiansen

              CB5a1c Bettina Christiansen

               (note: Anders Gregers Larsen changed name to Anders Larsen Borglum on 8-17-1905, so following offspring named Borglum at birth)  

      CB6a  Johanne Borglum b8.9.1906 (never married - photo from 1992)   1914   She was a housekeeper for Joni Busk MD (uncle of Vilhelm CB8a1). Dr. Busk, a nudist, left her his house in his will. ( People usually think of nudists in a camp, not at home.....)

      CB7a  Karl Borglum b12.23.1907    and Ella Sofia b11.2.1911 1914

            CB7a1    Henning Borglum b5.27.1936 photo approx 1960

            CB7a2    Tonny Borglum b7.5.1947 photo approx 1960

      CB8a  Marie Borglum b8.6.1911    and Forde Jakobsen b5.16.1906 d1972 1914 ,   1940s?     60s

            CB8a1    Ruth Busck Jakobsen b1935 and Vilhelm Busck b12.5.1903 d1974 (Ruth is reporting moved back from Texas and is living in Denmark as of 2019)

            CB8a2    Jorgen Greger Jakobsen b1938 and Elly Christennsen b1939

                  CB8a2a Sanne Wurtz (born Jakobsen) married to Peter Wurtz

                        CB8a2a1-2-3 Sarah, Rachel, Johannes Wurtz

                  CB8a2b Ann-Mette Sorensen b 1965 (born Jakobsen) married to Ulrik Jessen Sorensen

                        CB8a2b1 Rebecca Jessen Randrup b1991 married to Jakob Randrup

                                CB8a2b1a Neva Jessen Randrup b2017

                        CB8a2b2 Helena Jessen Sorensen b 1993

                  CB8a2c Lise-Lotte Gosch Jacobsen (born Jakobsen) married to Hans Jorgen Fosh Jacobsen

                  CB8a2d Pernille BJacobsen b 1975

            CB8a3    Hanne Marie Busk b1.12.1946 and Carl Jensen b 1946

                  CB8a3a Malene Jensen b 1971

                  CB8a3b Thomas Jensen b 74

(continued from above breakout at LCB10)

(LCB10)X Thinus (Tenus) Borglum b1891 d 4.8.1982  and Gerda Jensen b11.22.1891 d 2.23.1974  Gerda's Eulogy  married 1914   Gerda obituary.
(note: Birth name was Thinus. He didn't like the way Thinus was pronounced in English and changed it to Tenus. Thinus means "tenth male" in Danish and Latin. With Tenus and his younger brother Dusinus "twelveth", a pattern of numbering the kids started. Anders' second wife, whom he married after Maren's death, apparently ended the trend of numbering kids. Tenus came from Denmark in 1911 and first lived and farmed in Minnesota. He moved his family to NY in 1928, where he farmed until he retired. Family lore has it that Tenus had a heart attack at home, drove himself to the hospital, and stopped to free a neighbor's cow from barbed wire along the way. He lived his final years with Ardis. Gerda 1910s in gymnastics club , Gerda 1912 Lutheran confirmation , Gerda photo 1914 , Gerda, Tenus, Knud 1917 , Tenus and plow photo , Tenus 1912 , with Knud 1917 , 1918 in field , cutting wood 1919 , with kids 1923 , 1924 plowing , 1924 threshing , at Ellis Is. 1928 , family on boat 1928 ,   1928 passenger Manifest ,  Making peat bricks in Denmark 1929,  1930 census, with kids 1933 , Young Tenus and Gerda photo , Immigration   certificate  Family 1929    Tenus in ice storm 1930s? , Tenus and hay truck 1930s? , 1940 census, Xmas 1943 , Gerda with Ardis 19431946 ,   1948 , article in newspaper 1948, 1960s , 1970s ,  1970s,   Gerda 1972 , 1978 with magnolia1978 family , reunion 1988 , Tenus' obituary    photo with brothers   
 1992 interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum - 60MB file so may be slow to download
1974 Tenus interviewed by Carsten transcription    here's the actual 1974 recording. Its 25MB so you might want to download it prior to playing.
Penn Yan farm   Penn Yan farm2  Denmark birthplace farm photo controversy ,
Gerda's family tree, including Mia Christensen, as related by Eva Sorensen.

The "Borglum cough". I remember Tenus always clearing his throat. I hear that his sons' wives have sent them to doctors for it. I have it, as do my brothers. Its a regular clearing of the throat. I think its a genetic mucosal sinus defect, maybe.


  XA  Knud Borglum b1915 d1994 obituary   and Helen Keenan b_____ ,    1937 Geneva Directory listing  1940 census,    wedding 1944     wedding announcement, divorced.     1992 interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum - 60MB file so may be slow to download    with brothers 1950 with brothers 1998 1978    1917 , 1919 , with Greger 1921 , with Ardis and Greger 1923 , 1929 , 1933 , with Bart 1940,
with Greger 1940 , with Greger 1960 , kids 1957 (back row Wayne, Shirley, Sharon, Mary, front row Annette, Kent, Karl,  
kids 1963 (back row Shirley, Sharon. Mary, front row Karl, Kent, Annette)
kids 1959 (back row Shirley, Sharon, Mary, front row Kent, Wayne, Karl, Annette)

      XA1    Sharon Lee Borglum b1945 1948 with Knud    and Marion DeJong b1945 , with Kent, Shirley and Wayne 1954

            XA1a      Megan Eileen DeJong b1970 and _______ Hilker, then divorced

               XA1a1     Nicole Lee Hilker b 1989

                XA1a2    Cory Allen Hilker b 1991

            XA1b      Marie LaVon DeJong b1980, and Seth Mortensen

      XA2    Shirley Lynn Borglum b1947    and Ron Beck b1947 Shirley photo1963

            XA2a      Jody Justin Beck b1970    and Emily Hunter b_______

               XA2a1     Liam Lawson Hunter b 2006 (not Jody's biological son)

               XA2a2     Anders Benjamin Beck, b 2010

            XA2b      Jennifer Beck b1971 d1974 (Died in a vehicle accident.)

            XA2c      Heidi Jo Beck b1974 and Michael Evans b1954

            XA2d      Holly Jeaneen Beck b1976

      XA3    Wayne Knud Borglum b1949 and Mary Lou Bones b1949 , at Keuka lake 1954    family 2007     with Christiann and Melissa

            XA3a      Christian Knud Borglum b1976 and Melissa Ann Cheung b 1982

              XA3a1      Toren Knud Borglum 2015

              XA3a2      Anasasia Ardennes Borglum 2018

      XA4    Kent Adrian Borglum b1951  and Susan Jean Natvig b1951 , at Keuka lake 1954

                XA4a      Scyller Jean Borglum b1977     2019

                XA4b      Troy David Borglum b1978 d 2000 in a motorcycle accident, just prior to his marraige, when an RV pulled in front of him.

                XA4c      Kendra Leigh Borglum b1981 Kendra close-up 1999, and Justin John Cook b 1979

      XA5    Karl Douglas Borglum b1953 and Patricia Haverly b1953    boat fire

            XA5a      Dana James Borglum b1977 and Connie Lou Nowak b 1979

              XA5a1      Aleah Taylor Borglum b2001

              XA5a2      Victoria Joyce Borglum b 2009

  XA  Knud Borglum then married Mildred Sprick (second wife) b1917, d 1991, Mildred's obituary

      XA*1    Jerry Dick Sprick (stepchild) b1939 and Karen_______b_______, divorced, then married Sue b 1938, no children

          XA*1a   Gary Sprick Borglum b 1966   

         XA*1b   DiAnne Sprick Borglum b 1970 and Trent Bergman

             XA*1b1   Luke Bergman

             XA*1b2   Naomi Bergman

      XA*2    Mary Leone Sprick (stepchild) b1949 and Bud Garliff b____ d 9/18/2005

      XA*3    Annette Mae Sprick (stepchild) b1953 common law married Anthony Badame


  XB  Christian Greger Borglum b1918 d1991 and Elsie Johnsen b1921 d1994, wedding   Greger photo with brothers Greger 1920, with Knud 1921 , with Knud 1940military WWII  1946 with Knud 1960 ,    Farm of the Month 1961 article    with Ardis and Knud 1923 , at Sodus Bay ,  1950 with Bruce  family 1952   1970s    Linda's letter regarding Elsie Johnsen's family    1992 interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum - 60MB file so may be slow to download    with brothers 1950 1978    Greger Borglums on tractor 2011    Greger Borglums 2015

      XB1    Linda Kay  Borglum and Edward Calhan b1947 with siblings 1966   cousins 1970ish , at Keuka lake 1954, family 2004 , family later , Linda-Ed-Greger    Linda letter to Carsten 2004   2017 with sisters    2018

            XB1a      Greger Borglum Calhan b1981 and Healther Chin married 2013  2004 with banjo (my favorite photo of him) in Africa 2005    with wife Heather and daughters Sybil and Maude 2013         2017    2018

                    XB1a1&2    twins Sybil and Maude b2013     Sybil and Maude 2015      2017   2018

            XB1b      Mia Borglum Calhan b1983 and Adam Burgstede married 2011  with Carol's Hannah at reunion      2017   2018

                    XB1b1    Lars Greger Burgstede   b 2015     2017   2018

                    XB1b2    Mette Louise Burgstede  b 2017     2017   2018

      XB2    Bruce Greger Borglum b1949 and Joanne Searle b1949 , 1950 with parents , at Keuka lake 1954   2008 2013   2013 reunion   2018

      XB3    Bernard Karl ("Bud") Borglum b1954 and Dorothy Voise b1958    1961  cousins 1970ish  kids 2003   kids 2005    2018

            XB3a      Lindsay Eden Borglum b1988     Lindsay 2014     Lindsay musician    2017   2018

            XB3b      Philip Gerard Borglum b1990   2018

            XB3c      Peter Halden Borglum b1994   2018

            XB3d      Larissa Juliet Borglum b1996   2018

      XB4    Amy Jean Borglum b1955 (twin) and Warren Lloyd b1950 divorced 2002  conjoined 1960  cousins 1970ish  2004 with Dan   Amy 2004  Amy's 1/1/05 "39 degree swim"      Dan's new truck
                      The "dark underbelly" of family photography here    2017 with sisters   2018

        XB4a      Malena Maren Lloyd b1991     2017

        XB4b      Evan Larsen Lloyd b1993     2010   2014 snowboarding     2017   2018

                        Dominic (Dan's son prior marriage)    2017

      XB5    Carol Jane Borglum b1955 (twin) and Tom vanDijk b_____     conjoined 1960   cousins 1970ish    2017 with sisters   2018

            XB5a      Hannah vanDijk b1999    Hannah 2005

            XB5b      Vadiem Leonardus van Dijk b2004 in Kyiv, Ukraine, lives in the Netherlands    Vadiem 2005   2018

      XB6    Brian Philip Borglum b1963  and Gwendolyn "Wendy" Maxwell b1968    Wendy's Art    family 2003    family 2006   family 2008    family 2010    family 2014

            XB6a      Haldan Maxwell Borglum b1999     Haldan 2015 biathlete

            XB6b     Erika Mae Borglum b2003

            XB6c    Gwyneth Brynne Borglum b2003


  XC  Ardis Irene Borglum b 6.21.1922  and J Alan Vokes b9.22.1917 d 8.10.86 married 7.10.1949,  wedding announcement,   19291949 at Cornell   Ardis wedding photo   Carsten and Ardis 1935 photo , with Greger and Knud 1923 , with Eva Ravn Sorensen 1949     1943 with mother   1943 nurse graduation   1943 in uniform , at Sodus Bay 50s,  1992 genealogy interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum on YouTube   Al in 1960s   Volks choir 2004  1978  Ardis at age 90     Ardis at 91  Ardis 2014    Ardis with Dana 2016    Ardis at 95    2018 with Danielle

      XC1    Karen (Kah Ryn) Anita Vokes b3.22.1951 d1.2.15 and Robert Madison b 1940 married 1981divorced 2001 Karen, Ardis, Keith photo 1952   approx 1965    Volks choir 2004   cousins 1970ish 

            XC1a      Niki Pilar Madison b1982 and Jason Corrigan   2017

                XC1a1    Kaia Willow Corrigan b2014    2017

                XC1a2     Myles Logan Corrigan b2017

            XC1b      Natalie St. James Madison b1984 Natalie 2000

      XC2    Brent Alan Vokes b1953  and Argean Jackson b 8.1954 married 1978  approx 1965    cousins 1970ish   Volks choir 2004 

            XC2a      Brent Aaron Vokes b1985

            XC2b      James Robert Vokes b 1988

      XC3    Neil Evan Vokes b1958  and Patricia Messner b1959 married 1978 divorced 2001, then married Janet Davies 2002  approx 1965    Volks choir 2004 

            XC3a      Koosje Ardis Vokes b1986 and Aaron Jeanotte married 2012

                    XC3a1&2    Roxanne and Vivian   b 2015

      XC4    Kyle Jameson Vokes b1960 and Jamie Lynn Barlow b1966 married 1992    Kyle, Ken and Tyler 2004  approx 1965    Volks choir 2004 

            XC4a      Abigail Beatice Vokes b 1994   2005 and Jonathan Clak Kent married 2015

            XC4b      Emily Elisse Vokes b 1997   2005

      XC1    Sara Alison Vokes b1966 Sara 2009 and James Walker b 1966 married 1998 James 2009 their website  Volks choir 2004 


  XD  Carsten Bruce Borglum b1924 d 2004  1932   2004 photo    obituary  funeral
and   Margaret Madeline Hoss b 1927 d 2011 Hoss family photo, Jacob Johann Hoss family tree (Marge's father & family)  Funeral 2011
Marge photo 1929    1930     1932 with mother and brother  1935  Carsten and Gerald 1924? , 1926 , 1933 with calf , 1938? playing ball , 1939  1940 high school portrait   1941 graduation from Out Lady of Perpetual Help 1943 with family,  house fire   1949 at Cornell    college graduation with parents  1950 ,  with Carsten's brothers 1950 , Marge 1949 Cornell sorority ,   1952  Cars and Marge wedding photos     Oh Uncle Carsten video at 2004 reunion    many more Carsten and Marge Borglum's family photos     1992 genealogy interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum large file possible slow download

      XD1    Keith Carsten Borglum b1951 and Diane Marie Cate b1948 1986 wedding, (separated 2011, divorced 2013) 
Carsten with Keith 1951  1951 Xmas no more peas please    another 1951  1952   Keith with Grandfather Hoss 1952   another 1952  1952 with Gerda and Johan    1953    chillin' with Pop 1958    with Donna 1958  1959 w/Oma  Xmas1958   Keith in lederhosen on trip with Grandmother Hoss to Germany via the passenger liner United States 1959,  1965 siblings     wolfman graduates college      siblings 2011     reunion 2012   belly dancing lesson 2013 reunion    reunion     at Kelly's wedding 2017   2018 Carsten Borglum clan reunion at Keith's in California  (first kid gets all the photos) Keith's extra photos

      XD2    Donna Christine Borglum b1954 (her first name was to have been Christine, except for the publicity that came from Christine Jorgensen at the time)  and Fred Macklin b1955   Holy Communion with angelic aura   Xmas1958    with Keith 1958   chillin' with Pop 1958   1959   approx1959  approx 1960    1961   with Pop 1961   approx 1964    bday party 1964  approx 1965   wedding  1963 Thanksgiving    Donna 1965  1965 siblings  1969 w/Chris    1970ish   siblings 1967   1969   1969ish  Bressler's in 70s  1981visiting Keith   1980 w/Tenus   with Jessica and Fred 1984    2009   Mancini letter to Marge 2007  with Anna   reunion 2012   wahoo fishing 2016    fan club   Ken, Donna & Craig at 2004 reunion     siblings plus Tyler 2017   Macklin Christmas Letter 2018

            XD2a      Jessica Macklin b1983,   young Jessica  Jessica 1995  Jessica 2000     Jessica and husband Ben Brown (separated 2015) portrait

            XD2b      Tyler Macklin 1986 Tyler 2000 , with Weird Uncle Ken 2000    Tyler in a tie (incredible but true)   Tyler 2005 with cousins Kelly and Danielle   Tyler beating old uncle Chris (3MB .mov movie)   Kyle, Ken and Tyler 2004  Tyler 2007 Tyler's fire dancing show website Spinning Spades   at Kelly's wedding 2017     bad breath Africa 2018  belly dancing lesson 2013 reunion    siblings plus Tyler 2017

      XD3    Craig Borglum b1956  and Ruth Losoviz b1970 (divorced 2001), and Kay Fortinberry  Kay and Craig wedding crowd   (divorced 2017) Craig, Donna and Keith 1958    chillin' with Pop 1958    Xmas1958  early 60s   with Pop 1961   1963 Thanksgiving     school photo  Craig with Ken and Kurt in 60s       Craig and Kurt 1960s       camping 1966    in Coleman ad 1966   pensive       Ken, Susan, Craig 1991?       Christian cowboy       1965 siblings   siblings 1967   EuroTrashCraig,       dude1991?  fishing   Craig busking 1995   another   another   thrilled with Xmas sweater 2000  at family viking reunion 2004   dogpool  guitar1  guitar2  guitar3  Ken, Donna & Craig at 2004 reunion  singing at reunion     horse 2007   reunion 2012   fan club   Kay,Nick,Amy , 2013     brothers 2013 reunion     2013 reunion   at Kelly's wedding 2017  siblings plus Tyler 2017

      XD4    Kurt Borglum b1957 and Carol Lessard b1959  Xmas1958 1959   early 60s  onesey1961  1963 Thanksgiving    Craig and Kurt 1960s    camping 1966     Kurt in Keith's room with guns 1967  in Coleman ad 1966   siblings 1967  with Santa   Kurt and Ken  Kurt and Ken 1969?   1970    Bressler's in 70s  Kurt and Chris photo 1971  disco Kurt with Carol and Chris    bad hair day  big hair day  stylin'    high school sweethearts     wedding gift    1991,   hippies    hairy    family in 2001    family 2005   family 2009 2013    reunion 2012   2012 SF     2013 reunion    brothers 2013 reunion    belly dancing lesson 2013 reunion  Kurt's rock band Code Violation 2015    family 2016   at Kelly's wedding 2017  siblings plus Tyler 2017

            XD4a      Danielle Borglum b1990 , 1991   surfing 2000,    dancing 2003   with Tyler 2005    Dec 2005    leaping 2006    Germany 2006   cousins 2006    glamour 2006  2012 reunion    reunion 2012    2012 freezing in CA     cheerleading 2013     cheerleader undated    cheerleader with Stephanie    with Grant   at Kelly's wedding 2017   2018 with Ardis      2018 w Steph

            XD4b      Stephanie Borglum b1993    swimming lesson 1998    racing 2000, dancing 2003    dancing 2005   Dec 2005  cousins 2006    glamour 2006    dance awards 2006   2012 reunion  2012 freezing in CA    reunion 2012  cheerleading 2013   Dazzlers photo    with Samoa class 2014   at Kelly's wedding 2017      2018 w Erik

      XD5    Kenneth Borglum b1960      approx 1965     camping 1966    making sure his crab sandwich is dead 1966 while wearing lederhosen      cone head   siblings 1967  in Coleman ad 1966     late 1960s   camping with Coleman story   Blues boy    sooo tired    hipster child  1965 siblings   with Santa    Kurt and Ken 1969?   cousins 1970ish   dude1991?    hippies    hairy   Ken, Susan, Craig 1991?     2004 with Keith Penn Yan   Ken, Kelly, Brooke 2000    at Pepsi     at viking reunion 2004     Ken. Kelly, Brooke 2007, weird uncle Ken 2000   guitar man    Kurt and Ken   Kyle, Ken and Tyler 2004    Ken, Donna & Craig at 2004 reunion   horse 2007  horse2 2007    reunion 2012   belly dancing lesson 2013 reunion     brothers 2013 reunion   siblings plus Tyler 2017
 married Susan Huddleston b1962 d2004    wedding photo 1991 divorced  Susan's obituary
 married Christine Cadiz April 2008  wedding photo     groom room video    full family  Christine's daughter Anna    Christine and Anna    with Ken 2014    Anna St Pauli 2017   at Kelly's wedding 2017     Ken's Clan Dec 2017

            XD5a      Kelly Borglum b1992 , surfing 2000    with Susan      with Tyler 2005,    with Danielle 2006  cousins 2006    homecoming 2006    2007   2009      Kelly wedding to Derek Parinella 2017

            XD5b      Brooke Borglum b1995, Brooke 2005  cousins 2006   2007  sisters in NYC    Good Morning America 2007   2009   at Kelly's wedding 2017

      XD6    Chris Borglum b1968      and Karen  Frey b_______    1969w/Keith    1969 w/Donna   1970 w/Carsten   Chris 1974     soccer boy     hearing voices  late 1970s    disco Kurt with Carol and Chris    approx 1988-sign doesn't say 'no climbing"   dude1991?    wedding  Dr. Karen's College page    Chris' Brain Bowl article    with brain bowl team 2012       Tyler beating old uncle Chris (3MB .mov movie)   schmuck   family in Germany 2006    2012 reunion   2013     disco Kurt with Carol and Chris     belly dancing lesson 2013 reunion   brothers 2013 reunion  Karen 2015   at Kelly's wedding 2017  siblings plus Tyler 2017

          XD6a Mackenzie Jean Borglum b 2001 with Carsten bad teeth  photo 2002     2004 too much soda   photo 2005   cousins 2006    belly dancing lesson 2013 reunion   at Kelly's wedding 2017     2018     2019 rave-on


  XE  Gerald Baltzer Borglum b1933 and Angela Marie Sorensen b1933 d2012 Angela's obituary  Carsten, Gerald, Dana photo 1940    with brothers 1950  1992 genealogy interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum on YouTube    Gerald 2014

        XE1    Sherril "Sherry" Diane Borglum b1955 and Mark Gardner b1954 d 7/17/2001, then married Mike Settles born 1955

        XE2    Jean Marie Borglum b1959 and Rick Streebel b1947

        XE3    Sandra (Sandy) Joleen Borglum b1962 and Larry Newman Jr b1959 Sandy theater review   Larry Neumann Jr theater website

        XE4    Eric James Borglum b1963  and Ann Harding b_______   2015

                XE4a      Kristina Borglum b2000 (twin)     2005     2015

                XE4b      Bryce Borglum b2000(twin)      2005     2015


  XF  Dana Justin Borglum b1935 and Norma Jean Wright b1936 died 1997, then Sylvia b1945 1951  1992 genealogy interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum on YouTube    with brothers 1950 1978   Dana Norma Steve 1960   1970s   with brothers 1998 Dana 2014     Dana 2015      Dana at 80, 2015   Ardis with Dana 2016       Christmas letter 2017    Dana Borglum's iris website    Magazine article on iris farm 2018     2019

        XF1    Steven Dana Borglum b1959 and Linda De Rycke divorced 2000   1960    with wife Sherri 2014

            XF1a      Stephanie Lynn Borglum b1983

            XF1b      Caley Marie Borglum b1985

            XF1c      Jared Borglum b1987

            XF1d      Dane Borglum b1990

        XF2   Karla Elaine Borglum b1960  and Mark Santoro b1960

            XF2a      Justin Mark Santoro b1987

            XF2b      Rachel Rose Santoro b1990

      XF3    Kristina Marie Borglum b1967 1973?   2007    and Christopher Francisco (divorced 1996)  

            XF3a      Michael Francisco (her stepchild)

            XB3b      Nathan Dana Francisco b 1991   2006

            XB3c      Alexandra Ryan Francisco b 1993   2006


  XG  Bartel Adrian "Bart" Borglum b1.27.1939 d Feb 2002 and Mary Hein bDec 8, 1940 dJuly 23, 2017, Bart 1940 , Bart 1941 1946,  1963 with John   1973,  1970s   1978 with brothers 1998 2001 family photo   Bart 2001     obituary      
1992 interview with Knud, Ardis, Carsten, Gerald and Dana Borglum - 60MB file so may be slow to download  Mary 2008    Mary 2014  2015   obituary    Mary's garden story

      XG1    John Borglum b1962 and Trina ________ b________    1963 with Bart    2013      John gets Disney award 2013   2013 reunion    2018 reunion     with Ardis 2018

      XG2    Kirsten Borglum b1967   2007  2015      with Ardis 2018

      XG3    Gwen Borglum b1970 and Chad Marshall Lambert b1968, divorced 2003, then married Bruce Harper on May 8, 2004, who has two daughters by a previous marriage, Brittiany Harper and Rachel Harper     with Ardis 2018

      XG4    Susan Borglum b1978  2015     with Ardis 2018

                  XG4a    Samantha Borglum b 2002   2005    2008  2014  

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The "Borglum cough". I remember Tenus always clearing his throat. I hear that Pop and the uncles' wives have sent them to doctors for it. I have it, as do my brothers. Its a regular clearing of the throat. I think its a genetic mucosal sinus defect, maybe.


My experience with DNA testing to find relatives:
I have been the family genealogist for 35 years. I have many hundreds of relatives identified back to the 1700s on both sides of the family.

In 2011 I had my DNA tested including paying extra for all the upgrades Since 2011 I have never had ANY of those known relatives identified by Genebase.

Here is a typical message I get from Genebase:
"We found a family member of yours. There is a 50% chance that Keith Borglum and Joseph Michael Cramp shared a common ancestor within the last 39 generations. There is a 95% chance within 93 generations. "
93 generations? That's probably 4,600 years ago, that's 2584 B.C., without identifying anyone on the way back; just that this guy Joe and I share the same DNA with someone 4,600 years ago. That's around when they finished the Great Pyramid at Geza. No proof or info other than "shared DNA markers", nothing of any other interest, no ethnicity, nothing. Who cares?
So Joe and I share a
And Joe's the closest match they have come up with!

Genebase is also promoting to me that for another $119 each they'll tell me if I share any DNA with Genghis Khan, Billy The Kid, Queen Victoria, or other famous people. But they weren't already on my results list, so why bother?

On the other hand, I have found many hundreds of relatives on both sides of the family by creating this family tree website listing all the names I know, and their photos, and also listing on genealogy sites like, and Mostly I hear from other family genealogists with relations within 3-5 generations contacting me after having found the info I posted online. Then we link to each other's sites and share content, further widening the net.

As example, we had lost any contact or info about my maternal grandfather's family after he immigrated from Germany in 1924, but had a photo of him with what looked like family . I posted his name and that photo online, and after 2 years I was contacted by a distant cousin in Germany who was the grandson of my grandfather's brother whom is in the photo. He had the same photo. He had found my photo linked to my grandfather's name and contacted me, with identities of everyone in the photo and all their genealogy history, including hundreds more relatives.

Another genealogy technique is -if you have a photo- try uploading it to to see if it is also published anywhere else on the internet.

It is my proven experience that searching names and photos yields much more results than DNA blood testing.
I think DNA testing is useful if you have identified another living person and you want to know if they are related to you, and you both are willing to pay for the DNA tests and share them.



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